Devour her entire body. Make her worship you. Remind her who’s in control. She belongs to you completely. She must surrender and savor her owner’s touch.

I do Master I do


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She said it herself: Tumblr Feminists. Most people don’t have a problem with actual feminism; it is you, spoiled, batshit insane feminist sub-species the ones that normal people can’t stand. I live in a country with ACTUAL gender inequities and I know ACTUAL feminists that tackle the problems head-on. I’d like to see the girl of the video come to Mexico and fight against domestic violence that million of women suffer, or go to Cambodia where little girls are sold like property. Oh, but that’s right! Those problems are beneath you! You need to solve the REAL problems like how to make boys buy you pretty stuff but without the hard work of having to say no when they ask you out afterwards!  

I absolutely despise men (and few women) who don’t understand why I (a woman) would be upset after they allegedly “complimented me” (AKA: Called me out in the middle of the street, calling me sexy).
I mean, really? You don’t understand how the could possibly be insulting?
If you are my friend/boyfriend and you call me sexy (or another sexual compliment), that’s fine. As long as I know you and you’re someone I associate myself with, it’s not a problem. The problem lays with random men who force their words upon a person they’ve never met before.
When you call me out in the middle of no where, you draw unwanted attention to me. Suddenly, people from everywhere are looking at my body which makes me very uncomfortable.
Two, you looked at me and saw nothing but my body. Telling a random person that they are sexy is rude because it infers that all the other amazing traits this person has are useless besides their sexual abilities. It may not seem like that, but the fact that someone saw me and immediately thought “sex” is extremely insulting. I am a person with emotions and accomplishments. For you to minimize me into a piece of meat is disgusting and extremely hurtful.
Another thing that’s a bit off topic that’s very insulting as well is that you thought, even for a slim second, that I would find scum like you to be attractive. Always remember, looks are nothing without a personality to match :)

I think there should be far more laws when it comes to starting a family and raising children, such as:

1. You shouldn’t be allowed to have children without a background check. I feel so awful for children with mothers addicted to crack and other drugs. I also think there should be some sort of restrictions with money, like parents have to be able to have enough money to properly feed and clothe their child. Childhood determines the rest of your life in my point of view, and I want every child to have as pleasant of a childhood as possible.

2. There should be some sort of population law. Like, you cannot have more than so-many children, just because over-population is a real issue. After you have the set amount limit, you should be able to adopt if you want more. Adopting a child makes a HUGE difference and I know that I personally will adopt as an adult. Also, if you have a child without a proper background check, maybe they could go up for adoption where more families will be willing to adopt them.

But I wouldn’t be sure about religious things because I know that abortions AND contraceptives are banned in a lot of religions.

So yeah, I think we should enforce stuff like that because childhood is when you really develop the person you will be later on. Obviously if you’re a criminal as a child, you might not be one for the rest of your life, but the chances of you being a criminal are much higher. Children need good role models, environments and educations in order to create a better future for not only themselves, but the entire world.

I don’t hate this song, because it’s sexist. I hate this song, because it sucks. When I found out what the lyrics were about ( I’m not a native English speaker and I don’t live in an English speaking country)  and watched the video, I disliked it even more, because it was outright sexist and stupid.
However, what I don’t understand is when people say “It would a good be song if only the lyrics were different”.
No. It wouldn’t. He could be singing about flying unicorns for all I care, it would still suck. It just sucks. That’s it. It’s just really shit.
How a crappy song like that can be on top of the charts around the world is beyond my comprehension.
No, don’t come with “different people, different tastes”…I can find interest in many different music genres from hip hop to alternative rock to punk to jazz back to classic from different decades. I’m a music enthusiast, but of course I don’t hold the scepter to judge what’s good or bad music.
Of course, different people have different tastes. But you can tell the difference between talent, genuine love for music and just outright commercialisation where an artist is nothing more than a brand, where personal lives and publicity are more important than the actual music! (Why do you think the women danced around naked in the video in the first place?) I mean, the commercialisation aspect of music has been there for a long time, but it just keeps getting worse and worse. it doesn’t mean I don’t listen to mainstream music -  no not at all! I just isten to what I like. But I care about the music - not what the artists are wearing or if they are involved in any scandal or any other nonsense. I want the music before anything else. I’m just really shocked now about how much crap music gets marketed to us and as if it was so fucking important to listen to them. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomes, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Pharell Williams (just to name a few) - what’s next? Their music is repetitive and boring.
Well, you could argue that I don’t have to care about them or listen to them. Easier said than done! THEY ARE BLOODY EVERYWHERE NOWADAYS! Their music, their personal lives, their stupid award shows - fucking everywhere. 
Coming back to my first point: I don’t pay attention to music charts. I only heard about this song when everyone was talking about how sexist it is. After checking it out, I was more surprised (EVEN MORE THAN USUAL) about what people listen to nowadays. “Blurred Lines”, rreally? Are you fucking kidding me? This song literally gives me headaches how bad it is.
On a side note: I really do like Lorde though. Apart from her obvious talent, she brings a really refreshing sound to mainstream music. She seems very mature for her age and and is not afraid to speak her mind. Also, her focus is on music. She writes a large part/all? of her songs herself. Definetely not boring.

I am sick to death of everyone saying “Native Americans” and glorifying us like we were all one people living in some naked nirvana talking to animals like brown Dr. Dolittles.  
NEWS FLASH: Not all of us like each other. Stop lumping us together.
We had different traditions, values, languages and culture. (The Iroquois people and the Cherokee people are VASTLY different for example.)
Some tribes had matriarchy, some patriarchy, some neither of those. 
Some Natives had a written language (Cherokee and I believe the Creek), some did not. 
Some tribes had polygamy, some did not.
They waged war and killed each other, and some hated each other— they didn’t live a utopia.
Colonialism was terrible and killed many oral tribal traditions leaving generations of native people displaced and lacking in solidity in community and identity which has led to poverty and addictions on the reservations and in displaced natives everywhere, but we are still not all the same and those of us left are keeping our cultures alive any way we can, don’t homogenize us together. 

As a white girl, the few times that I have mentioned that I think dark guys are way sexier than white guys, I’ve been called a slut. Usually in a joking way, but still, I don’t see how liking a different skin colour makes me a slut. Just another example of how you can get called a slut for anything these days.

This has probably been posted so many times but I’m so sick of this shit.I’ve been relatively skinny and tiny all my life. 5’0 and 85 pounds (38.5 kg for everyone on the metric system). Never had an eating disorder or anything like that. I just have a lightning fast metabolism which is really not such a hard concept to grasp. Yet on a weekly damn near daily basis I get told I need to eat a burger or I need to go get some Mcdonalds. I even got referred to the guidance counselor. In school I got mandated to the weight room because I’m “under weight”. It makes me feel like utter shit.Why is it ok to tell a skinny person to go eat something while it’s like a fucking war to tell a curvier (I don’t want to say the f word cause it’s really rude) to stop eating or go on a diet? Better yet why are woman putting each other down twice as much as men? An example would be that “If you’re thin you can’t get in” picture. How the hell is that socially acceptable? What ever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all? Can’t we all just agree body shaming of any shape or form is a dick move and cut it out?Sometimes we can’t help how we are and that goes for all body types. In an ideal world we love ourselves however we are. It’s incredibly hard to do that with society telling us we have to look this way and that way to be desirable. Not every skinny person is anorexic and not every curvy person is obese, crazy right?. That’s a totally separate problem. The body shaming has to stop. It’s just mean and makes people feel horrible and puts them at risk for various eating disorders.Just don’t be a dick.

I fucking hate it when people say “Oh I love British accents”. It’s so fucking stupid.
First of all, they probably mean standard English southerner/High end Londoners’ accents, which are a real fucking minority in Britain, and even in London. Yet they still say British.
Fucking British.
There are so many fucking accents around the UK. In Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland. Hell, even the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight have their own accents. And yet there are so many degenerate asshats sitting around fantasizing about ‘British boys’ and their fucking ‘British accents’.
Another thing, people saying they want British boyfriends because British boys are ‘So nice and kind and polite and I want to drink tea with them!’. No. Fuck you. Fuck you and your fucking Britain obsession you teabag-fucking weeaboo. The boys you’re fantasizing about don’t exist. Feel free to take a few chavs with you though, as the majority of boys round here are chavs. For the reference, these are chavs.
So fuck the fuck off with your ‘British accents’ and your ‘Cute British boys’ and your shitty romanticized view on the UK. 
If you do this you can go to fucking hell, because everyone in this damned country is done with your fucking shit.

I hate when people use “slut” “whore” and “prostitute” the wrong way. It makes me angry. Please exuse my english sense its not my first language.
If you call someone a slut for: 1)sleeping with your boyfriend or husband (or if your a guy, if your girlfriend cheats on you) 2)wearing reviling clothes 3) being flirty 4)being in love with 2 guys …. then you dont know what a slut and a whore is. 
if you call someone a prostitute for having sex with only 2 or 3 people FOR FREE or listed the above then you dont know what a prostitute is.
a prostitute is someone who uses there gifts (mostly the wrong way) for money or respect. in this case mostly its use for someone who has sex for money. a whore/slut is someone who express there sexuality by having lots of sex with lots of people (not just 2!).
so yes how dare someone tell me im a prostitute and a trashy whore for having lots of sex with my partner and for wearing what ever i want.
(oh I use Akai Dalia because mostly everyone calls her character a prostitute and a slut when shes prorayed to only have sex with 2 guys for free) Also I respect everyone regard of how many people you sleep with.