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Anonymous asked:
Do you think you could ever bring yourself to get involved with a sub girl or are they too weak minded for you?


Well actually it was more so the way that you worded it. Submissive women are some of the most badass people you’ll ever have the chance to meet. They don’t get enough credit.

Do you know how scary it is to tell someone what triggers you, what your limits are and trust that when they bring you near the edge that they won’t push you over? There are so many people that nonchalantly abuse the trust that their sub has put in them because them getting off is more important than respecting their partners boundaries.

You have all of these fake ass abusive Dom’s who pretend to be decent human beings just long enough to get some of these ladies to let their guards down and then they betray them in the worst ways. 

The Dom is only in control because the sub has chosen to submit to them. If I met a girl and she decided that she wanted a D/s relationship I’d be all types of honored. (I’d also be smiling like a big ass kid because putting yourself in someone else’s hands like that is just…man…it’s a huge responsibility and I’m like “wow…she chose me…how awesome is that?”)

Long answer short: Hell yes I’d definitely be down to be with a submissive girl! ^_^


Fifty Shades of Grey—it’s the book everyone is talking about. Like so many things in the public eye, it also tends to be very polarizing: on one hand, staunch defenders of the book attack anyone who says anything negative about it. On the other hand, people in the BDSM community laugh, shake…



Devour her entire body. Make her worship you. Remind her who’s in control. She belongs to you completely. She must surrender and savor her owner’s touch.

I do Master I do


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She said it herself: Tumblr Feminists. Most people don’t have a problem with actual feminism; it is you, spoiled, batshit insane feminist sub-species the ones that normal people can’t stand. I live in a country with ACTUAL gender inequities and I know ACTUAL feminists that tackle the problems head-on. I’d like to see the girl of the video come to Mexico and fight against domestic violence that million of women suffer, or go to Cambodia where little girls are sold like property. Oh, but that’s right! Those problems are beneath you! You need to solve the REAL problems like how to make boys buy you pretty stuff but without the hard work of having to say no when they ask you out afterwards!  

I absolutely despise men (and few women) who don’t understand why I (a woman) would be upset after they allegedly “complimented me” (AKA: Called me out in the middle of the street, calling me sexy).
I mean, really? You don’t understand how the could possibly be insulting?
If you are my friend/boyfriend and you call me sexy (or another sexual compliment), that’s fine. As long as I know you and you’re someone I associate myself with, it’s not a problem. The problem lays with random men who force their words upon a person they’ve never met before.
When you call me out in the middle of no where, you draw unwanted attention to me. Suddenly, people from everywhere are looking at my body which makes me very uncomfortable.
Two, you looked at me and saw nothing but my body. Telling a random person that they are sexy is rude because it infers that all the other amazing traits this person has are useless besides their sexual abilities. It may not seem like that, but the fact that someone saw me and immediately thought “sex” is extremely insulting. I am a person with emotions and accomplishments. For you to minimize me into a piece of meat is disgusting and extremely hurtful.
Another thing that’s a bit off topic that’s very insulting as well is that you thought, even for a slim second, that I would find scum like you to be attractive. Always remember, looks are nothing without a personality to match :)